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The sushi on the belt goes round and round…

by Bananaketchup


Chinatown – Washington, DC




Mini-Disclaimer: This is a review of the sushi bar, and not the sit-down portion of this culinary obstacle course.


I was excited to try this restaurant after hearing about it from a friend, and I was dying to prove my theory that food tastes better when it’s rotating on a conveyor belt.

Walking through the sliding doors into the restaurant, I was pretty impressed by the semi-elegant atmosphere and the helpful wait staff. After being seated at the bar, and getting the biggest glass of alcoholic lubricant from the tap I could find on the menu, it was down to business perfecting the lost art of grabbing moving sushi.

A color-coded plate system determined pricing, with blue plates costing $2, green-$3, yellow-$3.50, Orange-$4, and Red-$5. The most expensive sushi was mysteriously M.I.A., causing me to wonder if I had to level-up to the good stuff by eating a large quantity of lower-priced plates, as if I was in some bizarre 8-bit nightmare.
Variety was limited to only a handful of forgettable choices, and although the sushi does get the job done, it can be summed up as “meh” at best. There’s nothing too extravagant that would make your taste buds whisper sweet nothings, but it was still miles ahead of any tacked-on sushi bar you would find at any Chinese buffet. It’s a decent, quick fix to silence the sushi gods for the meantime.



To Sushi-Go-Round’s credit, the conveyor belt was always stocked with sushi, and it was fun, in an addicting way, hunting down plates and grabbing them as they came by. The belt wasn’t loud like a factory line, and the sushi train moved at a good speed…although at times I did wish there was a button I could’ve pressed to make it go faster, if only to purge any sushi-consuming delays caused by waiting for a dish to come back around.

sgr04In the end, Sushi-Go-Round is not so much a “revolution” of raw fish and rice (corny pun intended), but more of a unique date experience or conversation starter amongst friends and drunken co-workers. I guess the somewhat soulless mass-production is forgivable in light of I Love Lucy reruns.



Pluses: Friendly staff, sexy ambience, abundance of beer, unique sushi experience with hypnotizing conveyor belt.

Minuses: Limited variety, mediocre sushi, pricey, disproves rotating food theory

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