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Late Nite Adobo

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by Bananaketchup



Browsing through Bed, Bath & Beyond, I stumbled upon my culinary muse, as seen on TV: Pancake Puffs. She whispered to me, “Add pizzazz to every meal with these savory puffs,” and visions of amateur food porn of my own doing danced through my head. This is my story…

Everything seemed simple enough from conception to execution. Mix the pancake batter? Check. Lube up the special pan with non-stick cooking spray? Check plus. Crank out a happy assembly line of delectable deserts? Um…. img_0475

It was hard getting the ratio of batter-to-pan just right, and turning over the puffs to brown the other side with the provided wooden skewers? It was equivalent to playing an intoxicated game of Operation with my feet. There was a slight learning curve with my Pancake Puff experience, but after the 3rd or 4th batch it was like second nature.

Obviously, nothing is ever as pretty as pictured on TV, and I question whether or not the end product was really worth all of the time and effort, with the pancake puff essentially turning out to be the evin twin brother of the donut hole. I guess the main attraction with the puffs are filling them up with random ingredients like jelly, chocolate, marshmallow fluff, fatty duck liver, etc.

So, with delusions of wanna-be-iron-chefness, 45 minutes had passed with 5 plating attempts and I finally settled on a simple motif: Nutella filled Pancake Puffs with a generous coating of powdered sugar, sliced strawberries, and a couple sprigs of mint. I would probably call the desert “Strawberry Fields” if I were to open a Pancake Puff Cafe somewhere (cleverly named Le Pancake Puffery and proudly brewing Starbucks Coffee). img_0484

Overall, it was fun cooking the Pancake Puffs. The possibilities of sweet or savory dishes are open-ended enough to allow some creative ingenuity to shine with cooks who like to experiment with food. But truthfully, I can only really see myself using this contraption every once in a while; whenever I get bored with the blatant unpuffiness of regular pancakes.


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