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Late Nite Adobo

Typing out thoughts on a website… when the cravings hit you in the late nite…

by Tondagossa


And no… for once I’m not talking about beer, though having one does sound like it would be refreshing at the moment.  No no, I’m referring to a drink called Ricky Joy, which seems to be targeted towards children.  I mean… who else could possibly be satisfied by 100 milliliters (about 3.38 ounces to those of us State-side) of beverage?

The answer is located after this sentence.  Me!  Although I’ve been told it is popular in Asia, I somehow never crossed paths with this tiny wonder of a drink.  And now that I have, I know one thing – I like it.  So… what is it exactly?  Surprisingly, searches on the internet mostly bring up references to other people, other things.

In an attempt to describe it, I’ll tell you this – it is a yogurt drink.  If that doesn’t quite sound appealing to you, consider this.  Do you remember playing outside when you were young?  The ice cream truck would come around and you would sell your soul to your parents to get money for some yummy treats.  Some of you probably still want to run towards the sound of the ice cream truck whenever you hear it.  Don’t be ashamed, I do too all the time somtimes.  But I digress…

Remember the treat called Push-Ups, with all its orangey, sherbetty goodness?  Well, this tastes like that, but it’s in a smooth yogurt-based liquid!  It almost instantly brought me back to those good ol’ days, playing outside until the sun came down.  My brother also brought up that the mascot looks a bit like another, much-adored comic character from my teenage-to-adult years, so that kinda takes me back too.

Ricky Joy is a great, satisfying treat.  If you have an Asian import store near you, I recommend you grab some.  In fact, be sure to get a 4-pack.  You may not be as quickly satiated as I was.  You may want a bit more nostalgia time.


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