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Late Nite Adobo

Typing out thoughts on a website… when the cravings hit you in the late nite…

by Bananaketchup


Fact: I’m a noob to the world of tea. I’ll admit — I’m no tea connoisseur with a sophisticated palette for deciphering “chocolate notes” and such. After years of subjecting myself to the generic shrugs of Lipton and Tetley, my eyes have slowly opened to the greater world of loose teas and exotic blends.

IMG_0602The ritualistic nature of brewing is almost therapeutic, but I do succumb to the occasional unwillingness to commit to the process of tea making. While I quietly hang my head in shame when I give in to bagged teas, I tend to gravitate to the Celestial Seasonings brand. For one thing, they’re easily accessible in any Giant or Safeway, and well…the box-art is really colorful and pretty (not to mention it has a good daily percentage of educational tea facts you can annoy quiz your friends with).

So what just so happened to capture the corner of my eye with a picture of a buffalo grazing in a dawn-filled meadow? Morning Thunder Black Tea, with energizing, healthy mate’. Oh me, oh my! Something different with the added bonus of perking me up, minus the negative effects of coffee! The tea had a smooth, rich taste which was very earthy and oakey. It’s slightly shocking at first to taste something that seems as if it was just pulled out from the soil in grandma’s garden, but this black tea/mate’ blend is becoming one of my favorites. And it goes well with my morning blueberry muffin.IMG_0612

Did the tea perk me up like a cup of coffee? I’m not a morning person, so I wouldn’t be more awake at 8am if I did a cannonball into an Olympic-sized swimming pool of this stuff. I did feel a small energy boost, regardless of whether or not it was a placebo effect. And there were no coffee jitters, just as advertised! Fact: It was small victory, but a victory nevertheless for this tea-noob.

Okay all of ya’ll Mr. & Mrs. Teas out there, wave your hands in the air! What are your favorite brands or blends of tea? Are you more of a coffee/cappuccino/hot cocoa kind of person?


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