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Late Nite Adobo

Typing out thoughts on a website… when the cravings hit you in the late nite…

by Bananaketchup


After seeing the new Taco Bell commercial for Pacific Shrimp Tacos, I quickly shrugged it off as a hastily thrown together product that’s blatantly riding the Lenten season fast-food bandwagon. Though honestly, I have to say…I haven’t been this excited to run to the border since the talking Chihuahua.

“Six succulent shrimp marinated in a waterfall of spices.” Do these tacos live up to their moniker? Would Gidget the Chihuahua be proud? Or is she spinning in her grave?

Dissecting the tacos, there are in fact 6 shrimp that I would describe more as “decent” rather than “succulent.” Along with the quintessential lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and watery sour cream all wrapped in a soft tortilla shell, we have a taco.

What can I say? The Pacific Shrimp Tacos taste like a last second entry in a Top Chef challenge done by one of the untalented chefs who made it on the show solely based on his or her faux-hawk. The shrimp are lightly spiced, and surprise surprise, it tastes like shrimp in…(wait for it)…taco form! I like how the Pacific Shrimp Tacos aren’t as uberly salty as other Taco Bell food, but they just don’t hit the spot like the meatier options. Oh well, such is the mutant offspring of a chicken/southwestern fast-food restaurant.

The Pacific Shrimp Tacos (or Pash Tacs as I now call them) are probably a limited time deal, but at $2.79 each, I wouldn’t go back to these as a first, second, or even third seafood option for lunch. If anything, these Pash Tacs raise other, very pressing questions. What’s so Pacific about them anyways? And after all of these years, why not fish tacos? Somewhere in heaven, Gidget the Chihuahua is smiling down upon me, as if to say: stick to where the advertising is mind-numbingly catchy enough to break into random fits of singing.


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