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Late Nite Adobo

Typing out thoughts on a website… when the cravings hit you in the late nite…

by Bananaketchup


9811 Washingtonian Blvd
Gaithersburg, MD 20878

Monday morning. After a third cup of bitter coffee, I find myself asking once again, “Is it 12:00 yet?” While I’m eagerly waiting for my petition for government issued work-hammocks to be approved, the Rio (Washingtonian Center) is next best escape. Nestled within the Rio, Village Green Grill is a Mediterranean restaurant with a traditional cafe atmosphere, a nice lakeside view, and is subsequently one of my favorite lunchtime spots to do what Frankie says and “Relax.” 

I’m a sucker for anything remotely street food related, so I usually opt for the falafel or gyro. I like to think of their gyro meat as the Greek equivalent of Steak-Ums, which really isn’t a bad thing. It’s well seasoned and packed with flavor. The pita bread they use is almost like a thin-crust pizza and it gives the gyro an unexpectedly good, crisp texture. Lettuce, tomato, and yogurt sauce round out an adequate gyro.

Replace the gyro meat for a falafel patty, add tahini sauce, and you get their falafel sandwich. The patty is crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside; tasting savory, and distinctly chickpea-ey. Their falafel is very satisfying and filling. Just like eating a good eggplant dish, it almost makes me forget that I’m not eating meat. The gyros and falafels are served with a mountain of seasoned French fries that have a subtle crispy, battered texture on them that remind me of Burger King fries.

Village Green Grill is slightly expensive for a quick lunch, with my typical bill hovering around $10. It’s kinda worth it since I’m always full-to-bursting with the good portions of food they give. And even though I’ve had better Mediterranean food at other restaurants, I still love going back to this place for some reason. The owner is really nice and makes you feel at home, and it’s never too loud or crowded at lunch. It’s the perfect place to decompress with some peaceful reading (or work on that all-important hammock proposal) before returning to the rat races.


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