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Late Nite Adobo

Typing out thoughts on a website… when the cravings hit you in the late nite…

by Bananaketchup


Pho Bistro
239 Muddy Branch Road,
Gaithersburg, MD

Oh morning sun, hitting me like a hundred-hand slap to my face. I wake up in the fetal position, with my head beating like a steel drum and the taste of roadkill chalk-lined on my tongue. My fingers tiptoe across the nightstand, past the aspirin, straight to my keys. There’s only one cure for this hangover: a loving bowl of Pho.

In my staggering quest to replace my feelings of ickyness with warm fuzziness, I stumbled upon a new Vietnamese restaurant in Gaithersburg – Pho Bistro. This place won’t win any outstanding awards in the field of aesthetic excellence anytime soon, but it’s a cozy little restaurant that’s sufficient enough for a detoxifying brunch.

With a series of grunts resembling human speech, I ordered the Pho #1 with eyeround, flank steak, tendon and tripe. The broth was good, with that familiar blend of spices (cinnamon, fennel seed, cardamom, coriander, ginger, star anise, and clove) that was slightly milder than I prefer. And while the noodles had a good consistency and weren’t mushy, the meat was kinda chewy and flavorless. Sadly, I really had to dig around just to find any signs of tripe and tendon. The tasty little bits were almost non-existent and didn’t contribute anything to the Pho other than being a small garnish.

If you’re in the Rockville/Gaithersburg area, it’s hard recommending Pho Bistro over Pho 75 for soup, or Bale Vietnamese Deli for other Vietnamese dishes. The portions aren’t as generous as other Pho restaurants, with a $6.63 regular bowl just barely filling me up. My friend’s Thit Heo Nuong was also on the skimpy side, and didn’t justify the above-average pricing. On the plus side, Pho Bistro accepts credit cards, unlike some Vietnamese restaurants. It wasn’t the best Pho I’ve ever had, but with my ability to stand upright restored, I’m granted new life and I’m ready for another night……a night that will probably bury the morning after in deep regret.

Aunt Jemima mix & Pepto Bismol smoothies? Chicken noodle soup? Twinkies & scotch? — What are some of your favorite hangover remedies?


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