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Late Nite Adobo

Typing out thoughts on a website… when the cravings hit you in the late nite…

by Tondagossa


You may remember that roughly a year ago I participated in the infamous Week of Bacon.  This year, I unfortunately missed out on the bacon induced mischief.  When my brother informed me that the Capital Bacon and Beer Bash will be taking place November 20th at the National Harbor, we quickly secured our tickets.  And with bourbon and maple flavored bacon swimming in our dreams, we came up with this fun idea of extending the Week of Bacon the best way we know how –  by doing some bacon-themed stories.  I mean c’mon, a week just isn’t enough, right?

I’m going to kick this party off with something you may be eating around this time of year, maybe while watching some scary movies: popcorn!  But this is no ordinary popcorn.  It’s popcorn that’s been altered, mutated with bacony flavors – JD’s Bacon Pop.  Does it succeed in reminding me of one of my favorite foods?  Hmm… maybe.

First of all, look at this crazy packaging.  The bacon man mascot looks like a character pulled straight out of an old cartoon.  To add to the whimsical and fun nature of this treat, they’ve even added phrases like “Don’t Burn Your Bacon!” and “Shake your Bacon”, which double as helpful tips for optimizing your tasting experience.  Luckily the instructions are all pretty standard: pop until there are 2-3 seconds between each pop, shake, and enjoy.  Oh, and be careful when opening it.

Okay, fine.  The packaging is somewhat amusing.  But how does it taste?  The first few bites had just a hint of the bacony goodness I was expecting.  It definitely comes off very mild at first.  But then it gets a bit stronger with each successive mouthful.  Halfway through the bag, I was finding that the popcorn seemed like a cross between pork rinds and bacon.

There are definitely a few bites in there that have the bacon flavor dead on the money.  Other times, there was a bit too much smokiness, where the artificiality of the flavor was obvious, or just too little flavor.  Aromatically, it smells just like breakfast should smell like.

Overall it was a fairly satisfying crunchy, bacony, porky experience… that just so happens to pair well with beer.  My main complaint?  It makes me want the real thing.

What was the last bacon or bacon-like food you enjoyed?


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