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Late Nite Adobo

Typing out thoughts on a website… when the cravings hit you in the late nite…

Everyone is starting off the New Year on a positive note. Here at Late Nite Adobo, we’re going against the grain by: 1) Updating the blog in 10-month intervals, and 2) Reviewing a Thanksgiving-themed product well beyond recommended consumer-based ad campaign guidelines. 

November 23rd will forever be remembered for The Thanksgiving Gumball Experiments of 2011. A slow day at work sparked curiosity to try a gag gift, which was received with an expeditious frowny face.

Hypothesis: The Thanksgiving gumballs as individuals will not shine in flavor, nor Thanksgivingness. However, as with a traditional Thanksgiving meal, the sum of all the components as a whole will bring together the true essence of Thanksgiving – in gum form.


1) Try turkey flavored gumball.
2) Try pumpkin pie flavored gumball.
3) Try cranberry sauce flavored gumball.
4) Try all 3 flavored gumballs together.


Data/Results: The turkey flavored gumball were the worst out of all of them, resembling the aftertaste of vomit after a night of drinking vodka and eating chicken nuggets. The pumpkin pie was quite yummy, but tasted more like maple syrup more than anything. The same kinda thing with the cranberry sauce- sugary sweet, but vague as to what magical fruit it was derived from. All 3 together were a party in my mouth that I wouldn’t want to invite anybody to. The medley of salty/sweet/tangy fused together into something only a child would eat in an elementary school cafeteria after being triple-dog-dared into submission. And as with most gumballs, the flavor lasts all but 30 seconds or so, depending on the ratio  of chewing speed per amount of gum in mouth.

Conclusion: Remember Big League Chew? I’m pretty sure it’s not a gateway drug to tobacco use. Buy that instead. Should all acquaintance be forgot? Heavens no. Should all Thanksgiving Gumballs be forgot? The triple-dog-dared child inside of me says a resounding “Yes.”


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