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Late Nite Adobo

Typing out thoughts on a website… when the cravings hit you in the late nite…

They see me rollin'

They see me rollin’

I’m a sucker for gimicky food packaging. Whether it’s a frog with a cap & sneakers selling me Honey “Smacks” or a tub of lychee jellies shaped like a giant panda head, i’ll have it in my cart faster than you can say “product placement.”

So naturally, I had to get this frozen Korean Taco with Tofu, because well…it’s a fricken mini food truck, that’s why. It’s a well known scientific fact that the circus-theme for Barnum’s Animals made the animal crackers contained inside the box yummier. It’s science. 

It's Ron Cadillac!

It’s Ron Cadillac! Frickin’ epic!

Will this tiny food truck deliver the goods? Or will it blow a tire and crash in a firey, tofu-scented disaster?

Surprise, surprise – this ain’t no Kogi. How can a graphic of a piping-hot thermometer advertising hot hot heat levels tell so many lies? The taco was not spicy at all, and was in desperate need of that “overhyped hot sauce that shall not be named.” The veggie/tofu filling had a gingery miso/soy flavor, which wasn’t too bad for what it was. Overall, it tasted like stir fry wrapped in a soggy corn tortilla. 

On the plus side, the taco was successful at triggering a craving for spicy bulgogi and galbi. Since I didn’t have a cook-top or slices of marinated beef lying around (darn meatless Mondays), I settled for spicy buffalo Wheat Thins I had in my desk drawer. Those had more zest than you can shake a taco at.

Taco Libre

Taco Libre

And so, a dark, ominous cloud shadowed over the miniature world of Teenyville. Somewhere there’s a tiny research assistant taking his lunch break at this mini Korean taco food truck; instagramming a snarkly captioned photo of this mediocre Korean tofu taco, #meh. And he’s probably taking the rest of the afternoon off to write an equally snarky review on chibi-Yelp.

These kinda things take time. I should know…


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