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I’m all about comfort food. As a matter of fact, if I had a stack of pancakes right now, I’d rest my head on them like Dan in Real Life. Which brings me to one of the original kings of comfort food: Shrimp & Cheesy Grits.

As if I was assembling a quilt of deliciousness, I took bits and pieces of a few googled recipes, while making sure the standard cast of ingredients made appearances. My grits were loaded with butter, cream, cheddar and monterrey jack cheese. I prepped the shrimp mixture with garlic, Worcestershire sauce, lime, parsley, shrimp, and subbed in spicy italian sausage instead of bacon.

Harm me with hominy.

Harm me with hominy.

While I love the smokiness that bacon normally gives the dish, sausage was a perfectly suitable alternative. It adds a heartiness that’s guaranteed to cut down your commute time to the ‘itis. Nevertheless, the shrimp & grits were cheesy, creamy, spicy, savory…completely satisfying…and mmmmm…why am I even typing this when I could be eating a bowl right now?!

Like Monty Python & The Holy Grail, shrimp & cheesy grits are the perfect pair. AND, it’s socially acceptable to eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! I challenge anyone to question my lifestyle choice of eating it for all 3 of my daily meals……okay fine…all 6 of my daily meals…


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